Automated Postman alternative for your team.

Get up-to-date API collections without any manual effort using ShortLoop's SDK.
You can test, debug, share and document APIs in one-place making collaboration across stakeholders effortless.

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APIs are how your systems and people communicate, but today’s tooling sucks

**Docs are out-dated**

Docs are out-dated

**Collections are incomplete**

Collections are incomplete

**Blocked on colleagues**

Blocked on colleagues

**Changes not communicated**

Changes not communicated

That’s why we built ShortLoop.

By adding a simple SDK to your backend that samples network traffic, you get a powerful tool that automates and simplifies API workflows.

Always up-to-date API collections

Full request-response data

Know API data without dealing with stale curls

Understand real-time API behavior

Use-cases, errors identified and maintained for you

Get alerted of changes

Stay updated and identify bad or breaking changes

Full request-response data

Everyday workflows faster and better

Test, debug and share

Configure environments, parameters and test APIs

Integrate APIs confidently

Move faster with fewer meetings and up-to-date data

Add new APIs and examples

Share and collaborate with your team

Test, debug and share

Workspace for your team to collaborate

Single source of truth

No more duplicates so you can create and trust documentation

Share API and payload deeplinks

Onboarding, debugging just a link away

Individual and team ownership

Drive best practices across your org

Single source of truth

And a lot more powered by your API data


What Our Users Say

  • At the expense of sounding like a fan, I would say that ShortLoop is perhaps the best internal API documentation tool for developers by any measure imaginable! It does what it claims and minimises manual documentation! No developer ever said they liked writing documentation! Thanks to ShortLoop, our team doesn't have to anymore!

    Ankush Vats , CTO

  • We have new members joining the team and have no working Postman collection/documentation. So ShortLoop automated this for us with no effort from my side.

    Prankur , Tech-Lead

  • We try to dedicate 10% of our sprint to document APIs properly so that testing, debugging, and integrations become smooth. But there was still no single source of truth across Postman, Confluence, and Swagger. ShortLoop makes this very easy.

    Anurag , CTO

  • Shortloop has quickly become a critical part of onboarding process for new engineers on the Shyp team, saving us critical dev time.

    Shivam Bharuka , CTO

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No CPU Overhead & latency impact. Full Secure with PII data masked
No CPU Overhead & latency impact. Full Secure with PII data masked

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